IPIP NEO, 16 Personality Test, And The Colour Quiz

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I took three individual personality tests to discover if they are credible and correct to how they relate to me. The three personality tests were the IPIP NEO, 16 Personalities Test, and the Colour Quiz.

Before taking these personality tests, I believe that they do not work. I have actually taken a few personality tests while I was taking therapy lessons for my depression and anxiety issues. It seemed like the questions I had answered portrayed how I felt during the time. What mood set I was feeling as I took those tests had an important role as to what results I got. My previous personality tests indicated that I was very shy and hidden from society. The results said that I am emotionally unstable due to the feeling of isolation and that I lack motivation. I already knew for that I was feeling helplessly down that my answers would lead to the results mentioned.

The first test I completed was the IPIP NEO. This test consisted of many questions regarding to what I do, how I feel, and what I think about general situations and actions that I would do. I noticed that the more questions I had to answer, the more fixed the results would give. Having more questions
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It labelled me as an ESTJ personality or The Executive. An ESTJ personality showed that I was a leader or a role model. This inaccurately does not depict what personality I have. I am far from a role model or a leader to anyone. The results emphasized that I was a person to bring people together in celebration of cherished events, or defending some values that unite people. As how wrong the introduction of the result showed, further on with the readings led me to believe that most the topics said about my weaknesses and strengths, relationships and friends were quite correct. Being how right the readings were gave me a second thought to approve of its credibility. Upon reading further of the results, most of the description was too

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