Personality Structure Of A Person By Looking At The Building Blocks Of Personality

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The purpose of Five Factor Personality Test is to show the personality structure of a person by looking at the “building blocks of personality.” The “building blocks of personality” can be determined by “the Big Five,” or the five most commonly accepted factors or dimensions. These factors include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. This test is fundamentally expected to inform a person of how and what her or his personality is like compared to other testers, and according to society.
For the first factor, Neuroticism, I scored a 14, which is relatively low. As stated by the Five-Factor Model of Personality, this suggests that I am more emotionally stable and respond well to stressors. It also suggests that I tend to be calm, even-tempered, and less likely to prone to distress. However, the Five-Factor Model of Personality also suggest that even if I am low in negative emotions, I am not necessarily high on positive emotions either. Being high on positive emotions is an element of the independent trait of extraversion. I whole heartedly agree with how the score reflects me, for the reason that I don’t stress out as much as others. For example, during the spring semester, I took a speech class, and for major assignments we had to give speeches. I never stressed out though, I stayed calm and relaxed, before, during, and even after the speech. I never once stressed out about speaking publicly, unfortunately for my friend, it wasn’t the…

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