Personality Reflection Essay

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Personality Reflection

Personality Reflection
In this Personality Reflection, I will define personality and define personal features of my own personality structures.
Personality is what defines our characteristics as a human being. Individuals have different personality traits that make up our behavioral characteristics, which may include how we think or react. Some characteristics are inherited in our genes. For example, I have a mannerism of always chewing my tongue ever since I was a child, which I am usually unaware of doing except when my friends and family notices it and mentions it to me. My son does the same thing of chewing his tongue when he was between the age of two and three. Personalities are unique and people
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I believe some of my constructs that are used to explain my personality would be the adventurous type. I like to have fun, which having an outgoing lifestyle I believe in living life to the fullest. I do set my limits now that I am a parent, because I have to set boundaries for myself, as I have to think of my family priorities first. My responsibility to my family comes first in life, but I always find time for myself in between.
My personality structure usually is consistent but can change in the type of environment or situation. My personal home life will differ from my professional work life. At home I go with the flow making sure my family is happy as it is my responsibility to care and concern for them. My professional work life is more structure as there are rules, regulations, and chain in command I have to follow. The professional life will always have different personality features as working for a large corporation and dealing with managers, team members, and outside vendors is always a change of personalities. Some coworkers are friends, but having to put the hat on as a manager, I have to keep professional life separate, but when off the clock friends and family come first.
I have never taken a personality test before and I would like to try it to see what the test will show about my personality. A proper test should include simple questions that can be answered with a yes or a no or answers that can be rated from zero

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