Personality, Personality And Your Personality Essay

700 Words Nov 18th, 2016 3 Pages
Everyone has their own unique and special personality and your personality can characterize you as an individual, but what if you had a chink in your chain so to speak and your personality was not all rainbows and cupcakes. Your personality was more dark and gray and seem like your individuality does not quite match up to how you are constantly feeling. You feel impulsive, chronically unstable with all of your emotions or you have a hard time dealing with your own self-image.

Well, all of these characteristics point out to (BPD) or borderline personality disorder. Moods and emotions always seem intense and sometimes often vastly way out of proportion where mood swings can get out of control. BPD is a serious mental illness and being one of the most severe personality disorders and it is also the most commonly diagnosed. Abnormal behavior develops in these affected individuals and they show self-destructive behavior because they feel worthless or are often in feeling deep despair. People diagnosed with BPD usually act upon self-mutilation like cutting their wrists to make their pain go away or even worse; suicide to end their so called miserable life. This instability often disrupts their families, marriage, friendships and even their career.

As many as ten percent of those people who meet the BPD criteria eventually commit suicide, because they are so unhappy because of their instability of emotions and they feel like they have no control of their life. The symptoms of…

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