Personality, Personality And The Basic Approaches Essay

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Personality, everybody has one and everyone is unique in their own personality. Every individual is different, but the question is why? Personality is one of the most important assets that an individual possesses. Personality will be a determining factor in a person’s level of contentment in life, their success and their motivation to fulfill their life desires. Personality helps shape the present and continue to shape an individual’s future. The core of understanding human nature lies in the study of personality. Psychologists through the years have been studying personality, not to learn about the most obvious characteristics of the individual, but to explain what the driving forces are that shape an individual’s behavior or personality. To understand human nature, personality theorists through the years have attempted to answer the questions of what these driving forces are that shape one 's personality. This text aims to outline the multiple approaches of well-known personality theorists. The paper will explain how each theorist defines the personality and the basic approaches they take in explaining behavior. The text will also explain what Scripture says about personality and how God uses many different people with different personalities to carry out the work of His Kingdom.

(Weinberg, 2011) (Weinberg, 2011) (Weinberg, 2011)Personality defined
Personality can be defined as a consistent pattern in the thoughts, emotions and behavior of an individual that makes a…

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