Personality Paper

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Personality Paper
Joy L. Hamby
August 14, 2013
Laraine Frajio

Personality Paper Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are characteristic patterns that make a person unique. A person’s personality is what sets them apart from the rest of the world. The uniqueness that each person possesses is called personality. Although individuals may possess similar qualities no two people can share the same personality (McLeod, 2007). The term personality was originated by the Latin word persona. A persona was in reference to a theatrical mask worn by stage performers to disguise their identities. The study of individual differences among human beings is called personality psychology. Psychologists strive for the construction of logical
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Patterns of thoughts and emotions account for an important part of one’s personality, fundamental factors that contribute are consistency, psychological and physiological and multiple expressions. Consistency is the way people act similar in a variety of situations. Through multiple expressions one’s personality can also be viewed by his or her thoughts, feelings, relationships, and social interactions. One’s personality can causes him or her to act or respond in a certain way. There are multiple theories about how personality develops.
Through the study of personality the theories suggest that there are limited amount of personality types influenced biologically (Feist, 2009). These theories imply the genetics are responsible for one’s personality. Biological theories also show the relation between genetics and personality traits. Trait theories viewed one’s personality as a result of internal characteristics. Trait theories are consistent patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion. According to the traits theories the characteristics that attribute to one’s personality were also genetically based. A personality that is formed uniquely to individual is made up of a combination and interaction of various trait forms. The trait theory approach focuses on the difference among individuals unlike the

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