Personality : Measuring And Predicting Job Performance Essay

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Personality: Measuring and Predicting Job Performance
Generally, measuring personality and cognitive abilities helped organizations predict the performance of employees in organizations when determining employees’ performance of their job in the future. Organizations used various tools to measure and predict job performance during the organization’s hiring process. Often than not, personality is used as an indicator to determine employees’ future performance before they are hired as an employee. Tools are needed to measure. Individual cognitive abilities are important factors that organizations consider before making a final decision to place an employee in a particular role. Identifying a problem is the first step in the research process using inductive/deductive reasoning (Babbie, 2013), which could be personality.

Measuring Performance Cavazotte, Moreno, & Hickman ( 2012) study investigated how intelligence, personality traits and emotional intelligence effected the leaders that were focused on transformational leadership and the effectiveness of their performance organizations conceptually context. 134 mid-level leaders (managers) in an organization in Brazil in the Data were collected from 134 midlevel managers from a large Brazilian (energy sector) company. Findings revealed that there is a direct correlation to the transformational leadership’s behavior and effectiveness when it was measured after reviewing the organizational outcomes by achievement.
The study…

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