Essay on Personality Is The Way A Person Act?

819 Words May 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Personality Test
Cinthya Sandoval-Flores
University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
General Psychology
PSY 101
AmyJane Mcauley

Introduction Personality is the way a person act around other, how they think and how they feel influences on what personality is. I have always though that a person’s personality is created on what a person goes through when they are a child. I would have never thought that parents are a huge factor when it comes to personality, or the fact that there are personality test that a person could take to know which personality they are. Throughout this whole semester I learned a lot of things about personality, it changed a lot of my point of view.
When I was younger my mother has always told me that I have to nice people even if they are rude. Later that day I asked why and she responded with “The reason why they are acting like that is because of what they had to go through when they were younger”. Since that day I always thought that the reason why people are so mean and rude was because they had a rough life. I thought memories and experience were a huge factor when it comes to personality, but the older I got the more I started to realize that some people had a great life and amazing parents but yet they acted like spoiled brats or just put people down because they didn’t have the same things they had. It could go in opposite ways too, I knew people who had harsh lives and their…

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