Personality Is Only Ripe When A Man Has Made The Truth His Own

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Soren Kierkegaard once said, “Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own”. Personality has everything to do with evolving as you find the truth in this reality. The word personality comes from the Greek word “persona” which means to speak through. By definition personality is the mix of characteristics or qualities that form an individual 's distinctive character. Personality is not definite, and will be changed through experiences. Personality traits have two major features: inherited and learned characteristics. When I was little my parents gave me the nickname of Gabi, because I talked a lot. Apparently I had judged everything. I grew up with an older sister who was by comparison my complete opposite personality-wise. I was an extrovert at heart. I wanted to talk to everyone, and make friends with every passing stranger. I had a big imagination, and would take my sister on journeys throughout the playground. The world was a mystery, and my personality was shaped by the enigmatic world. I believe that toys could talk, and one day I would catch Santa in the act. I believed the unbelievable, because I was encouraged to think that way. The way I presented myself played a huge part in my personality too. I was skinny with short blonde hair, and taller than most. My mother would always tell me how beautiful I was, and I believed her. I wasn’t as conceded as I was confident and body positive. I found that because I saw myself as beautiful, I was also able…

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