Essay about Personality Characteristics Of A Person 's Personality Type

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A person’s personality type will have a significant impact on how they accomplish tasks and interact with other people. These traits become very important as it relates to how an individual will function in the workplace. While some personality traits are very effective in an isolated, or small group setting, they can create issues when part of a larger workforce, or engaging others over a long length of time. Understanding different personality, types, and how to effectively engage them, will help reduce the risk of conflict in the workplace, and ultimately help a people accomplish the tasks set before them in an effective manner. Traits of the ESFP Personality
ESFP – The Performer
Extravert(3%) Sensing(1%) Feeling(34%) Perceiving(12%)

Step 1
Personality types
The ESFP, or Performer, personality type is described as person who relies on their senses as the primary way to take in information and decide what action to take. This personality loves interacting with people and having new experiences, and is often someone who wants to be the center of attention. While that may be true for many, there are some with this personality type who are content to stay behind the scenes. An individual with a close balance between introvert and extravert will enjoy people, but not always need attention. An ESFPs interpersonal skills can be very beneficial to them a work setting because it allows them to interact easily with many people in various settings. However, there is…

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