Personality Types And Similarities

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Personality traits and personality types are very important to who we are and how we handle life situations. These traits follow us through out our careers, how we raise our children, what type of friend we are, our personal life, and what type of worker we are in the workplace. Once our results have been noted our characteristics of who we really will help not just us, but others when dealing with us on a daily basis. However, traits will change the duration of our lives so, if you start off being a certain type after a few years that trait may no longer apply to you. After conducting research there are many similarities and many differences within these personality types. The different personality types doesn 't mean one type is superior …show more content…
I find this type quite unique as many of their qualities defy the definition of my individual trait. Though my possessing the Feeling (F) trait I have excellent analytical abilities; through Introverted (I) I have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and through my Judging (J) trait I have receptive to change and new ideas. As with so many things, my ISFJ personality type has its weaknesses and strengths that defines who I am.
My preference is introversion. This means I am energized by my own thoughts and ideas. I don 't need to interact with other people to get motivated. Throughout my career I have also worked with people and I am good
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At my church I am on the protocol team. This team prepares the events and announcements every Sunday worship service. Well I make the announcements every Sunday or whenever they need to be made. I practice the announcements every Sunday to make sure I can pronounce and say them correctly. If someone, brings an announcement to me at the last minute I freak out. I start to panic because I don 't want anyone to think I am not prepared. So, I request these announcements are given to me in a timely manner. I can not do last minute things because it shows in my behavior. I also enjoy the peace and quiet. I have three daughters which are very loud and opinionated. If I am sitting in my room reading they will always come in together and start laughing and playing around. I will tell them to quiet down but, that doesn 't seem to work. Eventually, I give in and give them the attention they are looking

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