Personality And Physical Factors: Nature Vs. Nurture?

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Have you ever thought about why a person does what they do or why they act the way they do? Nature vs nurture is an old debate that determines which has the bigger influence on a person’s personality, either genetics or society. Nature comes from it’s genetics, it makes up your physical features. Nurture, on the other hand, is based on how a child can be raised, also it’s a big part of your personality. But it’s pretty obvious that Nurture takes more part in a child's body, and how their parents taught them what they should and should not be doing.
Nature is genetics from the parents, and it makes the physical features made up in your body, which can also influence how you act. Look at Anais and Sam for example, for being separated for a
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Examples of nurture can be the feral children, first, take Jeannie she was raised beaten, and ignored. Just as well she had no social life to talk to anyone. So just how she was raised is how she was in the future.She had no social life within her lifetime. Another feral child can be Oxana, her family didn’t give much love for her and was raised out in the woods, by dogs. She no longer acted like her DNA family, and environment took over and she would bark and walk like a dog because when she was young that’s how she was raised. Not only did she bark and crawl like a dog, but she had a strong sense of smell, strong hearing, and vision. One other evidence is you can use these two families of birds. A loud family of birds, and a quiet family of birds. So what they did, the quiet family of birds had an egg, and so did the loud family. And they switched the eggs to see if they would stay their original way, but the quiet family raised the loud baby, and the loud child became quiet, and the quiet bird turned to loud since she was raised be loud parents so they began to learn from their parents on how they acted so that's how the baby bird had acted. Or you can look at the Bad Parenting article, in this article it talked about, if a child is treated with physical punishment, poor supervision, and inconsistent discipline, they are 2X more likely to act badly from the way you treated the kids, not from the DNA it’s from the way you acted around them or the way you treated them.It also says the kids won’t be antisocial if they were negative, poor supervision, depression in the family, Physical punishment as well. If you give your child love and support they will start acting like, listen, good advice to give you, help you figure out your problems in life, just if you treat them nicely and

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