Personality and Lifestyle Essay example

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When students finish this chapter they should understand why:

• A consumer’s personality influences the way he or she responds to marketing stimuli, but efforts to use this information in marketing contexts have met with mixed results.

• Consumers’ lifestyles are key to many marketing strategies.

• Psychographics go beyond simple demographics in helping marketers understand and reach different consumer segments.

• Identifying patterns of consumption can be superior to knowledge of individual purchases when crafting a lifestyle marketing strategy.


The study of personality is one of the most interesting undertaken in studies of consumer behavior (it is also one
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1) There has been debate about whether personality changes with situations and circumstances. a) Do people appear to act consistently? Research results are mixed. 2) Even though inconsistencies have been found in personality research, it still continues to be included in marketing strategies. 3) Personality dimensions are usually employed in concert with a person’s choices of leisure activities, political outlook, aesthetic tastes, and other individual factors to segment consumers in terms of lifestyles.

Discussion Opportunity—Explain your own personality. Are you consistent or inconsistent with respect to this identified personality? Give examples. Ask some students to do the same.

Discussion Opportunity—Have students collect a series of pictures from ads in magazines that would display your personality. Everyone should post these pictures on a sheet of poster board and display them around the room. Each student should explain his or her ideas of himself or herself. Does the class agree with the assessment? How well do you really know one another?

2. Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory a. Sigmund Freud developed the idea that much of one’s adult personality stems from a fundamental conflict between a person’s desire to gratify his or her physical needs and the necessity to function as a responsible member of society. His principles (note that

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