Personality and Behavior Essay

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“Organizations often have barriers that inhibit or prevent exemplary performance. They may be physical barriers or they may be systems or processes that discourage better performance. Behavior analysis therefore also views behavior as a function of the environment” (McSween and Pounds, ¶6). The important implication in this concept is that managers also need to consider ways to change the job in ways that make it easier or more convenient to perform better. The next giant leap in organizational performance will require managers and employees alike to understand the dynamics that are behind the effects of their behavior on themselves and others.

Personality and Behavior Analysis
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Personality Type Multiple analysis of my personality using Jungian’s Personality Type revealed repeated that my personality is descriptive of an ISFJ type. According to Robbins and Judge Assessment and demonstrated in my own behaviors and actions, I’m loyal, amiable, and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good (CD Rom). On the Personality Type A/B assessment I score a 105. This, according to Robbins and Judge, correlate with a Type A personality. Type A’s don’t cope well with leisure time, obsessed with numbers, and tend to measure success in terms of how much is acquired. Type A’s preferred to work alone and tend to experience moderate to high levels of stress.
Ambiguity and Creativity
Results of Robbins and Judge assessment on Ambiguity and Creativity revealed that I am able to adapt to a changing environment and not feel threatened within my environment (CD Rom). I’m not sure that I agree in this area as potential change, particularly change with a degree of uncertainty tend to create anxiety and stress. I once worked at a company whose workforce reduction in the US went from 90,000 employees to about 47,000 in a years’ time due to layoffs. While my job was not directly affected, the fear and uncertainty of change ultimately lead to me seeking an alternative job. I score a (-5) in Robbins and Judges assessment on Creativity indicating a relatively low level of creativity. In terms of my own

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