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Personality Analysis of The Donald

This purpose of this paper is to demonstrate Donald Trump’s progression to the successful business executive and analyze the different personality factors that played a role in getting him to the position he is presently in. The points in this paper will extrapolate relations from psychodynamic, behavioural, and interpersonal psychological theories to highlight Trump’s aggressive tendencies, his grandiose ambitions, and leadership qualities, and explain why Trump is who he is. Firstly, an in-depth examination of Trump’s autobiographies, documentaries, and articles will be conducted in order to bring insight to his life experiences, and his relationship with his father. Secondly, the paper will
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This meant Trump needed to overachieve, and go beyond the expectations his father had set forth in his company in order to mask his inferior feelings. Trump does not deny his tendency to overachieve and aim big with his projects. In fact, Trump states in his autobiography, The Art of the Deal, that he wanted to accomplish something “grander, more glamorous, and more exciting” than his father had achieved (Trump, 1987). Many of Trumps Manhattan developments reflect his grandiose ambitions, for example (find information about his first building).

Another dimension of the superiority complex is a tendency to fawn on prominent people (Flett, 2007). When Trump first moved to Manhattan he was not known nor respected among the top business gurus in the real estate business. In order to advance himself socially and professionally, Trump had to surround himself in the inner circles of the Manhattan elite. He accomplished this by joining, Le Club, one of the “hottest and exclusive clubs” in the city (Trump, 1987). By surrounding himself with the wealthiest people in the city of Manhattan, Trump was able to establish himself socially and professionally, which led to many of the Manhattan elite purchasing the most expensive apartments in the Trump buildings (Trump, 1987).

Trump has reported that he followed in his father’s

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