Personality Analysis: Dispositional and Learning Theories Essay

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Personality: Theories Chapter: Personality Theories


Personality: Theories What Is "Personality"? Psychologists' Usage of Personality Elements of Personality Techniques of Study Theories of Personality Trait Theories Psychoanalytic Theory Central elements of Psychoanalysis Psychoanalytic Personality Structure Instincts in Psychoanalysis Other Psychodynamic Theorists (Social-) Learning Theories Dollard/Miller's Stimulus-Response Theory B. F. Skinner and Personality as Behavior Bandura and Social Learning Self-Growth Theories Carl Rogers and Person-Centered Theory Maslow's Holistic Theory A Modern Theory of Personality: Big Five USING PSYCHOLOGY: What Determines Your Personality -Heredity? Environment? USING PSYCHOLOGY: What
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Pretty soon we couldn't even bring ourselves to swipe those cookies at all." How old would you say the twins were when this change in behavior took place? What would Freud say had to happen before it would occur?

Most people use the term "personality "to identify the most obvious characteristic of a person, or to refer to that person's social skills. Psychologists are mainly interested in personality to (1) explain why people with similar heredity, experience, and motivation may react differently in the same situation; and (2) explain why people with different heredity, past experiences, and/or motivation may nevertheless react similarly in the same situation. In studying personality, psychologists may use idiographic or nomothetic techniques. The study of personality involves many aspects of human behavior -- almost everything an adult human organism does or can do. Theories of personality organize what we do know, stimulate new research, and formally specify a view of personality. Four groups of such theories have been developed in the past century: trait, psychoanalytic, behavioral or social learning, and humanistic views. Three types of trait theories have developed: phrenology, typology, and the factor theory. Psychoanalysis is the original modern theory of personality based on the assumption that there are two central elements on which our personality is based: psychic energy (libido) and an unconscious. Starting only with

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