Personal Worldview & Business Ethics Paper

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Personal Worldview & Business Ethics Paper
Liberty University BMAL 560
January 25, 2015

To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics? Personal religious beliefs should impact all decisions about business ethics. If your beliefs are truly mandated in your life, then you have no choice but to be fair and honest about your business decisions. Business decisions can sometimes be difficult and harsh, but that is no reason to comprise the integrity of what you believe in. In 2012, Summers & Summers concluded that from the “Christian worldview”, God is the source and creator of all things. This means that God has provided all the resources we need in order for those needs
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2014, pp. 41).re things such as true love, beauty, and justice really possible, or are those values totally determined by cultural beliefs and norms?
I believe in true love of God, self and my fellow man; and beauty comes from within. and Justice does not always come in the form or way we want, and cultural beliefs and norms may dictate how justice is served.
Have your answers to any of the last questions changed after reading article 2?
After reading Article 2, my answers to the last questions have not changed. As a matter of fact, Article 2 re-affirmed everything I just previously stated.
So far in what you’ve read and in what you’ve experienced in life, does it seem odd or offensive to see Jesus Christ as the foundation for life and meaning? Based on what I have read and experienced in my life, it does not seem odd or offensive to see Jesus Christ as the foundation for life and meaning. Jesus has always been my foundation for how I live my life and the decisions I make personally and professionally. I learned to use my discerning spirit and quietly listen for the guidance I need.
Have your answers to either of the last two questions changed after reading article 3?
My answers have not changed after reading Article 3.
Now that you’ve read all of the articles, how has your view of meaning, ethics and your own

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