Personal View Of A Child With Special Needs Essays

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Bornstein provides an up close and personal view of a mother raising a child with special needs in Hungary. This mother found that the facilities for those with special needs in her country were confining, overcrowded and treated patients without dignity and respect. She fights a hard battle and works hard to change the standard of living for those with disabilities. She also fights for the rights of those with special needs to be independent, make their own choices, and be productive members of society. This mother’s perspective allows me another angle to consider the stigma and adversities that are a part of the daily lives of those living with special needs. The article also provides alternative ways of allowing for community access and involvement.

Cahill and Eggleston give first-hand accounts of those in wheelchairs and how they are perceived by the public. These accounts provide different instances in which wheelchair users are ignored, offered help, and overly helped. The perspective of those directly experiencing these issues is important to my research and adds to the data I have collected. However, the data collected in this article is primarily qualitative and situational based. This will need to be balanced out by other quantitative studies.

Corrigan offers several chapters on stigma focusing on those with a variety of disabilities. Specifically, I am interested in the following chapters: Understanding stigma, Stigma in the field of Intellectual Disabilities,…

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