Personal Values and Ethical Issues Essay

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Shelley Fischer
BSHS 331
October 11, 2011
Jenise Caetana

Personal Values and Ethical Standardss
I was born in the late 1950s and spent my childhood in the 1960s and teen years in the 1970s. My upbringing was shaped very much, by how I was taught and raised. My parents were both members of a conservative religious organization and so with that said I learned this way of thought. We were raised to believe that the 10 commandments were the basis of all things right and wrong, that if we followed them our lives would be as God wanted. Not to mention our parents! As a child, we first believe all that our parents teach us. They are like God to us and must be right no questions asked. I had by then
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Without it, as I can attest, one flounders a lot when issues come up and there is no one to trust to talk with them about it. There are many ethical issues that I have not experienced but very well could have in my practice. Dealing with a child molester could be a hard one for me because I have experienced the other side. However, I truly think I could be ok with it as well in that I have always wanted to know what happened to my father in his life that turned him in to what he became. He died 3 years before I told anyone about it and so I have had no way to find out. That wish I believe would help me to want to also help the molesters as well as the victims.
I do however think I would have a problem counseling a woman who was pregnant and because of her lack of caring if she got pregnant or her belief in just having an abortion to get rid of it, would be a large ethical dilemma for me. I believe in freedom of choice however, I also believe that a child is a child before it is born, not a Thing to be discarded when not a convenient time. I am not sure right now how I would handle that issue if it arose for me.
It is very important to have ethical standards and general principles. Given that there are so many different backgrounds and belief systems that the people in this world have, a set of guidelines help. I do think a counselor/therapist needs to be aware of his or her own beliefs as wells as the

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