Personal Trainer : A Trainer Essay

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A personal trainer, whether a full time or part time trainer. They work diligently to help clients achieve success.Personal trainers can teach cycling, weightlifting, kettlebell work and any other exercise. A personal trainer is a fitness professional who motivates and helps set goals as well as guides clients to their goals. A trainer will measure the client 's strength and goals, improving on both. The trainer will help the client through a strict fitness regimen of resistance, cardio and nutrition. While striving to reach their goals, the trainer must always keep the client’s safety in mind (Galbreath). This is the trainer 's number one priority. Every trainer has their own style or what sets them apart. Once the trainer finds what sets them apart, they really sell out and put it on the market to draw more clients in. Having success in the personal training industry can rely on the type of trainer. This has multiple means such as, location of business, the age group focused on, work hours, and the certification focus. The location of the trainer is key factor. If the trainer is working at a gym like 24 Hour Fitness, the clients will be handed to the trainer, and in turn you will only get paid from $8-$12 starting off. The reason is because the clients pay the gym and not you (Biscontini). If working at a gym that does not hand over the clients, the trainer will get to choose his or her pricing. This is usually $30 for a starting trainer. The difference is the trainer…

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