Personal Strengths Of Teaching As An Early Childhood Teacher

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1. Describe your chosen profession.
My chosen profession is to become an early childhood teacher. Being an Early childhood teacher involves working with children aged from 0 years to 5 years old helping them to learn and grow during the first stages of their lives. Early childhood teachers prepare young children for primary school, allow them to be creative and experiment with new things they may discover.

2. Personal strengths:

In the profession of an early childhood teacher people need to have a variety of qualities. People in this career area need to have qualities such as being patient, being creative and the ability to work with young children. Being patient is a very important quality as you are working with young children who are
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Other qualities that are important for early childhood teachers to have is to be creative, being creative will help a lot when it comes to children learning. Young children’s minds are very creative as they are learning new things all the time and discovering new things. At this stage of their lives they need people who will help and allow them to be creative with their paintings or the way they want to build things. I think having this qualities is so important and I believe it is my biggest strength that I obtain. I find that I am a very creative person as I love to sing, dance and act. I do very well in the arts and am always up to try new creative things and explore new ideas this is why I feel that this is a strength I have. The ability to work with young children is one of the most vital qualities to have as being an early childhood teacher involves spending the whole day week after week working with young children aged between 0 – 5 years old. If you don’t like children then maybe this isn’t the job for you but if you thoroughly enjoy seeing children learning and growing then you will strive in this …show more content…
With a wide range of education providers there is a huge selection of places to choose from when it comes to becoming an early childhood teacher. Polytechnics like Whitireia polytechnic and open polytechnic offer a Bachelor in early childhood education which takes 3 years. Universities such as Massey University in Palmerston North offers a graduate diploma of teaching (early childhood education). You also have other education providers like the New Zealand Tertiary College in Auckland offers a variety of courses ranging from an bachelor in teaching ( Early childhood education) to a certificate in early childhood teaching ( level 6 and 5). Chances of getting a job as an early childhood teacher are average with the salary rate is $34k- $69k annually and for head teachers $72k- $78k annually. Skills required for being an early childhood teacher are knowledge of different teaching styles and strategies, knowledge of child learning and development, knowledge of early childhood numeracy and literacy and knowledge of Te Whāriki the early childhood

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