Personal Strengths Are Those Things We Do Best Without Effort

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Personal strengths are those things we do best without effort. Knowing your personal strengths can help you make good choices in your career path as well as everyday life. After submitting my test results to SAPA Project, extraversion, agreeableness, integrity, emotional stability, and conscientiousness were my top five strengths.

Integrity ranked highest in the results. I 've always tried to do the right thing no matter what. My Mother taught us to have strong moral principles. Integrity has helped me throughout my career to get promotions that I rightfully deserved.

Agreeableness ranked second. I 've managed to get along with the most irate people. This is truly a talent God has blessed me with. Keeping others calm regardless of the situation, has been a tremendous help in the Hospitality/Gaming industry. Facing people after losing money, hotel service is disastrous, and restaurant food quality is poor can be very stressful at times. I 've managed to talk to guests with a very mild voice tone to get these issues resolved in a timely manner. Treating guests the way I would like to be treated when I 'm away from home has been a priority. Through the years, several guests have told me they wouldn 't visit my place of employment again. I have heard it all! After showing them this establishment would go above and beyond to meet their needs, they were very impressed. After many years of service, the majority of these guests won 't go to visit other places.…

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