Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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One day my doctor friend came and sat with me and suddenly asked. “Do you know your personal weaknesses?” I thought a very strange question, but I was confused at the same time. I asked him, “Why you have such query suddenly when we are meeting for a long time and going to talk something we have not talked for long time”. He replied “I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me same question”. “What would you answered? Can you name your biggest personal weakness instantly?” I asked him. He replied, “That is why I am upset today. I am honestly told everything, now I am worried, that he might judge my abilities on, what I answered to him.”
Our conversation for that night went into a deep, judging night for both of us. I have
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Knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can help you a lot in choosing the right career or making good decisions. Because if you are able to focus what you do around your personal strengths, you have the chance to create something remarkable, while making it look like it’s almost effortless for you. A good business strategy can be to focus your energies on your strength only and try to outsource or delegate tasks that would bring you into your personal weaknesses. On the other hand, facing your weaknesses can have a lot of potential for personal growth. An example here is I have the problem of being perfect on every work, task, activity, or anything I do even at home. Hence, this makes me an obsessed or anxious due to obsessive …show more content…
Initially, I was hesitant to follow these steps, but later I focused on the other end, strengths and weakness, then I found working on my weaknesses is worthy. It equilibriums my character, removes the otherwise tough superiorities, which makes life easier for me and makes me a more enjoyable person. So basically, I have begun to reveal who I am by inspiring myself about my weaknesses. I think working on your weaknesses makes total sense. Our biggest accomplishments will probably still come from using our strength and working on

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