Personal Statement : Writing And Writing Essay

1393 Words Jan 4th, 2016 6 Pages
As I entered AP Language and Composition, I felt confident and excited because I have always enjoyed English. I knew going into the class that it would include writing several papers, but I have enjoyed writing since I was younger; however, some of the writings are more difficult than others. For example, I seem to struggle with synthesis writings, whereas I tend to do well on argumentative writings. I already had an idea as to what I would learn and do throughout the class because I had spoken with students who took it last year, but I did not expect some of the writings to be difficult, or the Capstone paper to be stressful. I felt a little discouraged and agitated at times, but my confidence has grown because I did better than I thought I would on some of them. Because I have gotten a couple low grades on practice writings, it only causes me to want to work harder in order to do my best on the AP exam and do well in the class. To grow stronger as a student, and a writer, I found working with group members on assignments, spending extra time editing my papers, and expanding my vocabulary to improve my writing skills. I have enjoyed writing since I was in elementary school, but using intricate vocabulary has never been apart of it. My teachers in the past never spent much time on expanding our terminology. They told us reading new novels was their way of exposing us to new vocabulary, but having actual vocabulary lists and quizzes has helped me grow as a writer by giving…

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