Essay on Personal Statement : Vice President

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I will start as the CEO and founder of the company and I will concentrate on sales, promotions, and internet. We will start out as a Sole proprietorship since I will be owning and running almost all the company when we start, and would then later on like to turn into a partnership weather that be with a brand/manufacturer. I will be in charge of product development and make sure I order all the products that we need to maintain a very smooth work flow, and also make sure that all the order are filled and shipped to the correct destination. I will also have two vice presidents. One vice president will be in charge of public relations as well as administrative functions. Then, the other vice president will have a background in marketing who will handle everything to do with marketing as well as negotiations for large accounts in the future as well as a background in accounting. My VP’s will also start out on my board of directors since we don’t really need anyone else since we will be starting out so small, the less people we have to worry about the less we have to communicate and the more he can handle the task at hand. I will also of course have a store manager who will make scheduling, maintain store staff, achieve financial objectives, identify customer requirements, keeps up on availability of merchandise, formulates pricing policies, sales promotion, display, secure merchandise, provide clean and safe work environment, maintain stability and reputation, and contribute…

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