Personal Statement : The Spiritual Autobiography Essay

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There were several inspirations for me in deciding to write this spiritual autobiography. These include readings from class, as well as my own desire to write through my trauma. Through the course, I have become aware of the desire to put my life into words and address the notion as to who I am and where I came from. By putting on paper all that I can remember in an organized way, and through the use of various sources, I have been able to construct a permanent story, while simultaneously recognizing lessons and relaying these teachings to future readers.
The initial spark I had to embark on this journey came by reading excerpts from The Memoirs of Glückel of Hameln. Gluckel wrote her own story “in the hope of distracting [her] soul from the burdens laid upon it…” After reading these words, I began to entertain the notion that I might be able to do something very similar. Still at this point though, I was not completely convinced that this was the best option for me, as it is an emotional and difficult one. I needed more inspiration before I would be able to really devote myself to such a piece.
The second source influencing me to write came from Sarah Kofman in Rue Ordener Rue Labat. I saw many parallels between her story and my own, more specifically the present idea of the world changing around her and her personal experience throughout all of it. Similar to Kofman, I feel at times that I was selfish through my childhood, having been completely enveloped inside my own…

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