Personal Statement : The Separation Essay

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The Separation I have been blessed with a set of parents and a sister that love me unconditionally. They have provided me with all the necessary tools I have needed in order to be where I am today. My parents always made sure I was caught up in school and that I was having fun and doing what I loved. Countless trips to the lake, dad coaching my baseball teams, and a trip to the coast and mountains every year. My parents loved me and I knew they loved each other. We were one big happy family. As I grew older I began to see the tension that my parents really had. My dad would come home from work late at night, and if not late he would always be angry from the work he had back at the office. I began to realize that work was the driving force for my father and this was often a big argument for my parents. Work was also the reason we moved from our hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina to New Hampshire in 2006. Although I thought my parent’s relationship was fine during the move, once we began to settle down in this new place was when I realized that times were not the same. Constant arguments arose, yelling and screaming was common, and I hated the way we were living. I started to wish things were back to normal as they were in North Carolina. I was angry that the move and my dad’s occupation had so much impact on the way my parents acted towards each other. Although I was too young to realize that there was probably much more behind these disputes, all I could imagine was…

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