Personal Statement : ' The Mirror Once Again ' Essay

1080 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
I Looked in the mirror once again. Really? Not again. My face is covered in red marks, unknown red marks. I knew something wasn 't right but there was nothing I could do. 7.50 am, and I had to leave the house by 8, no time to even attempt to cover my face: concealer, foundation, powder nothing worked. Bulging redness, warm and itchy, dry but with a bizarre glisten to it. It was time to accept I was going into school with no way of covering my face. This was the fourth or fifth time, after many unsuccessful doctor visits with no idea what the cause was, even my friends noticed I was different, less confident, talked less, trying to draw as little attention to me as possible, I wanted to be hidden, invisible. I felt extremely uncomfortable whenever I spoke to anyone, knowing that everybody could see it, I didn 't even know the cause so I had no way to subtly make any kind of excuse for the way I looked. No one was to see my face.

After too many pills being prescribed and not working, it was finally time to go to the hospital. I was so nervous, shaking, tense. What was wrong with me? would I be ok? Would this last forever? I was done with the scars of each rash building up, creating another look-a-like rash. After each episode was over, red circles remained pigmented in my skin, and the more episodes that occurred the intensity of the red mark increased. It was time to fix the problem. Needing countless blood tests over time, I gradually grew a fear of hospitals after my…

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