Essay on Personal Statement : ' The Hunger Games '

1891 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Hi Tarah, this quarter has been fun, but here comes the end. Unluckily, I was not able to enroll in your 39C class for next quarter. Anyhow, I will keep up with my work. Throughout the quarter, I learned to be a good rhetor. Our topic, teen dystopias, was meaningful, even though I did not know about this term, I knew The Hunger Games. I believe everything exists for a reason. Dystopia may not be realistic, but it has its own purpose. I certainly learned a lot. As for the second half of this quarter, our major work was the Rhetoric in Practice project along with the companion essay. I chose to do my project on Instagram. As mentioned in my companion essay, I’m very familiar with this genre since I post Instagram a lot and check it daily. I’m a lot more confident in doing it on Instagram than any other genre. Thus, I signed up an Instagram account for Katiness Everdeen, she became my rhetor. I posted nine pictures in total. Each of them showed her life and expressed her genuine feelings. They all served one purpose, that was to encourage people in the districts to live and to fight. Katiness, as their spiritual leader, used social media to communicate with people at the districts. Doing the project, posting Instagram was not difficult task to do. I encountered some difficulties while writing the companion essay. My first draft was not complete with all missing parts. I forgot to mention the purpose of my project and the message it tried to send. Also, I forgot to…

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