Personal Statement : The Health Promotion Model Essay

767 Words Jun 20th, 2016 4 Pages
In the Health Risk Assessment one of the areas I receive a lower score in was self care. Risks I have identified that are associated with self care are an increase in stress and not having a balance between work and play which can lead to burnout in a career. Something I struggle with is managing my stress in a healthy way. I currently do only one thing to manage my stress and that is working out. Although working out helps me destress working out takes time, time I do not have in every instance I find myself stressed. Another thing I find that is effected by lack of self care in particular is my sleep and mood, both of which are drastically impacted when I become overly stressed and even worse when I do not have time to make it to the gym. The theory I choose to guide me in promoting my health was the Health Promotion Model. The over all goal of this model is not necessarily focused on preventing disease or illness but helping people reach a higher level of well being. This model looks at health as being in a positive state of health not simply the absence of disease. The model focuses on three areas which include; Individual characteristics, behavior specific cognitions and affect, and behavior outcomes. This model takes into account that everyone has difference experiences which in turn has an influence on actions and behaviors. The Theory will guide my actions to promote self care by first assessing my current stage of self care; pre-contemplation, contemplation,…

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