Personal Statement : The Fools Day Essay

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Karted “14 years, no stitches, no broken bones. You’re pretty lucky.” That’s what my mother had said just a few days prior to this incident, and before this all happened I hadn’t been in an accident or scrap of any kind. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. My pristine-condition body served as a reminder that my mere 14 years of existence were spent differently than other kids my age. Was it logical thinking, a trait most 14 year old boys don’t possess, that held me back? Or was it just the fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone?

April 1st 2012, It was another mundane Sunday morning for me. April fools day was once a cherished holiday of mine in elementary through middle school, as well the pinnacle of humor for me at the time. It was the day where I would try to scrape up some cash and take a trip to the pre-pubescent emporium extravaganza that was Spencer’s Gift shop. The day before, I would take my time to carefully choose the most realistic looking faux puke, and the most authentic sounding Whoopie Cushion in order to truly ruse my fellow classmates. However, now that I was in highschool I understood that it was time to start laughing at things I didn’t actually find funny because how else was I understood the sacrifices of personality that had to be made in this 4 year period.

So, April 1st was now just another day I had to drag myself out of bed and then through the rest of the day where I could only hope to could accomplish something. Though in…

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