Personal Statement : The Emergency Room Essay

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The night was unusually silent when the phone began to ring. The RN answered the call and came running to me saying that there was a horrific road traffic accident 20 miles away from my hospital and around 30 patients was being shifted to the hospital. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 2:00AM. The ambulance arrived at the front door of the ER and seriously injured patients were shifted to the emergency room. The number of patients that needed urgent attention was beyond the capacity of the ER. I immediately color coded the patients with the help of paramedics. One middle age male patient in his mid 30s presented with acute shortness of breath. His vitals were unstable, midline patent airway, breath sounds were clear on the right and absent on the left side, oxygen saturation was dropping with a raised jugular venous pressure and audible heart sounds. The bystanders were very anxious about the patient’s condition. As I suspected the patient was in distress from tension pneumothorax. Under the guidance of the senior resident, I immediately inserted a 14-gauge needle into his left second anterior intercostal space along the mid clavicular line. The relief brought on by this act was immediate and extremely gratifying. When the patient was able to breathe and talk, he thanked me profusely for acting so quickly. I realized that nothing in this world would give me the kind of satisfaction that saving a life would. This is one among many such…

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