Personal Statement : Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Personal Statement Essay
People often shy away from challenges and being challenged yet others like myself [strive at it and] embrace it. In college, I chose to study philosophy primarily because its’ challenging and it was. Certainly, law is challenging too and I believe in the end such challenges will make me a stronger, smarter and far better citizen as well as make me a more productive member of the community and society al large.
Ever since I can remember, I always felt that education was a requirement and not an option. Perhaps because in my family education had been the tradition as far back as to my grandparents and their parents. It is through the education that I believe will enable me to achieve my full potential and bring out the very best in me.
Philosophy provided me with intellectual tools such as critical thinking, analytical skills, and writing skills. Those skills helped me to grow to mature intellectually which enabled me to be independent thinker, detail oriented, open-minded and increased self-esteem. While philosophy is good at stimulating ideas and asking deeper questions it also evoked in me the interest to pursue a career in a legal profession. Over the course of time, I came across many courses that explored and examined topics in and of law. I also attained paralegal certificate which further contributed stronger interest toward the law.
For example, one of the course that I took “Philosophy of Law”, I studied and learned in great length about…

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