Essay about Personal Statement : Teaching Philosophy

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When tasked with the responsibility of teaching, it is my intent to inspire interest and excitement in my students regarding the subject. However, I understand that every single student will not develop an interest in the material. Therefore, I believe my job is to engage students by providing them with skills that will enhance their academic identities, even when they have no interest in the subject. By enhancing students’ academic identities, I am providing them with skills that can be transferred to all classes, future academic pursuits, and even into their personal lives. As a result of this belief, I have developed a teaching philosophy that rests upon three major tenets. First, I am grounded in a constructivist epistemology, which emphasizes creating knowledge and learning through a co-construction between students and teacher. As a result, I create a constructivist learning environment, which provides students with the opportunity to add to their understanding and learn the material. I create this type of environment by establishing that the classroom is a safe space where we all respect each other and value all opinions. Developing the classroom as a safe space is a process that takes place throughout the entire semester as I build rapport with my students. Building rapport humanizes me, which makes me accessible and helps build trust with students. I build rapport by sharing the story of my academic and professional journey, learning…

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