Personal Statement : Teaching And Learning Of This Knowledge Or Skill?

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Part 1: What experiences – personal, professional, and/or educational – have shaped your motivation to pursue a teaching career in an urban district, and to teach the specific content/grade level to which you applied?

Part 2: What is something specific to the content/grade level to which you applied that you believe is worthwhile for students to learn, and why? How might you engage students in the teaching and learning of this knowledge or skill?
Motivating Experiences
Essay 1
I am particularly motivated to be an effective and efficient teacher. The basis for this high motivation is my love of learning, respect for the profession, and commitment to inspire others. Therefore, I have chosen a career in teaching. I feel passionate about the direct positive impact I will have on my future students’ lives. Teaching supports my goal of influencing students’ on both the academic and social levels.
My growing acquaintance with the profession has widened the scope of my ambition to teach students of diverse backgrounds, especially those in urban schools. An urban district enables both the students and the teachers to benefit from cross-cultural exposure and enjoy cultural pluralism. I believe in education’s ability to empower students and change lives. With this in mind, assisting student’s to be productive citizens motivates me to inspire students to become part of a community, become informed decision makers, and develop personal reflection. Also, the metropolitan area can…

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