Personal Statement : Strength Finder Essay example

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According to strength finder my five greatest strength 's are

1.I 'm Input: I 'm very inquisitive, I love to collect things and I love philosophy.

2.Because I love the underdog type of person like a person that have low self esteem and I like to take them and find ways to motivate them to be successful in their lives because I was once that person the strength finder found that one of my strength were that I was a developer.

3. Because I enjoy meeting new people and making them my friends and I 'm not content with knowing just those people that I 'm familiar with strength finder has stated one of my strength are that I 'm a RELATOR.

4.I 'm very family oriented and I 'm also very Spiritual I love people and my spiritual side has a lot to do with that also because of my love for the Lord and I want to always see people succeed Strength finder say I have strength in my belief.

5.If I commit to anything I would hold on to the very end I 'm not a quitter if I start a project I will complete it Dedication is my motivation If I say I 'm with you I 'm with you that is why I can agree with strength finder when it finds that my strength is in my being responsible.I am a very responsible person if I say I 'm going to do it believe I 'm going to try my best to do what I say I 'm going to do.

Organizations can better utilize the strength of their employees by producing more ways to educate them. Many organization do not take the time out to educate they teach them enough for…

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