Personal Statement : Sports And Sports Essay

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All my life I have been very athletic and sports and other physical activities have always come so easily to me. I was a track star in middle school. After going into high school I tried football because all my friends were going to join. So I tried out I made the team but I got a concussion before our first game and after returning from my concussion I would get another one the very next day. So I ended up quitting football and tried out for track. I loved it at first but I was taking medicine to help my acne and one of the side effects was joint pain I pushed through it until it became unbearable and I went to the doctors they got me off of it but the pain was still there. So I ended up leaving track and just being a normal student. Over the summer I moved to a different high school. My sister had played basketball all of her high school career and when we moved she continued to play her sport and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Lucky enough the basketball coach saw my in the hallway and invited me to try out for his team. I took him up on that offer and having no prior experience I was awful to say the least. The only reason I made the junior varsity team was the fact I was tall and I was in really good shape.
By the time season started I have practice more on my own then we did at school. We had our first game and I didn’t start and I was okay with that. Everyone else had been playing basketball since they were little. But I ended up playing a little toward the…

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