Personal Statement : Sheila 's House Essay

825 Words Sep 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Walking by my friends house in upper Manhattan, an annoying notification pop on into my brain reminding me that I have not finish my English homework due on Friday. Thankfully, I have develop a specialized ability to find quick temporary solutions to my problems, just like Google. Thanks to the smell of smoky ribs from a neighbor 's house helped activate my superpower. The solution brought by my instinct made me think of my good friend Sheila, who I know could help me with my forgotten homework. Right in the moment when I was going to call her, the red icon in my phone appear and it suddenly went off. While, Gravity was pulling me down making me more tired as I have never been before, my desires to go home abruptly increase. However, I was running out of options and I knew that this was an important assignment for my grade, so my final decision end up by appearing in Sheila’s house. She is a great friend that has always support me whenever I need help; The bad outcome of going to her house is that I always get easily distracted by all the activities that she loves to do. One of those are watching series on Netflix which is obviously my favorite activity as well. However, She was my only saviour; Without hesitation, I knock on the door and the first thing that she said when she opened it was “Which serie are we watching today?.” I looked at her with my face of neutralism and explain that I needed to do my homework; She agree and we went inside her house. I was nervous to…

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