Personal Statement : Self Disclosure Essay

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(1) I recently received a B on one of my assignments, and I was disappointed in myself. My roommate stated “you got a B, so what, that’s not bad at all, I wish I could always get B’s” I was disappointed because I know I am capable of doing A work. She then asked me why I strive so hard to get A’s when B’s are just as good. I told her that my father was big on education and he expected A’s out of me. Ever since the passing of my father my sixth grade year I have strived for excellence in school. I had to inform my roommate on the reasons why I study and work so hard in my studies. Now that I have told her my reasoning for working so hard when it comes to school she understands me a little bit more I that area of my life. This is an example of self-disclosure.
(2) On the day of my father’s funeral my mom was silent from the time she woke up to the time we got to the burial site. She finally broke down and began to cry once they began to lower my dad into the ground. She didn’t speak she only cried, even after I asked her was she okay, she didn’t respond only cried harder. Her silence from the morning time until we reached the burial site was a sign of hurt. This is another example of self-disclosure.
(3) It was the end of the first semester into my senior year and my little sister sixth grade year. I had brought home my report card for my parents. My mom asked my little sister about hers, she said she didn’t get it yet. My mom waited about another week or so, then she asked…

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