Personal Statement : Self Care And How My Family, Friends, Environment, And Life Experiences

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Introduction Who am I? That is the question. In this paper I will be addressing who I am as an individual and how my family, friends, environment, and life experiences have shaped the perception I have today. I will share some of my core beliefs on 3 controversial topics and explain where they derive from. Lastly, I will define the term self-care and evaluate ways I can implement such activities in my daily life.
Who Am I I am Ashley. I am a white 21 year old who identifies and was born female. I definitely like boys possibly too much. Middle class is my socioeconomic status at least I think. I’m not poor but I am nowhere near being wealthy. I hate to label myself as “religious” because of the negative connotations that come along with that title so I prefer spiritual. I believe in a powerful and loving Creator and attend church regularly at a church of Christ. I grew up outside the city limits of Little Rock in a house made of rock, literally. I was raised in a middle class blue collar mostly loving home by my father Richie and mother Alicia. My dad is a logger and never went to college and my mom is a bus driver/secretary/house cleaner who also never went to college. I have 2 older sisters which makes me the baby of the family. My oldest sister Heather is only my half sibling (my father was married once before) and she never really lived with us growing up even though my father had custody of her. It is a long story but she lived mostly with my granny Frances who…

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