Personal Statement : ' Poverty ' Essay

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Growing up in a Third World country can definitely open your eyes and tell you that there is so much more to life than fitting in or being socially accepted or whatever else reason a person can throw. “Poverty” is basically written on the faces of most people you’ll pass by on the streets, on the kids playing in your neighborhood, on the drivers of public transportation vehicles. Being exposed to all this can really make you appreciative of what you have. Other times, it makes you want to be someone who can help, someone who can make a difference. And that’s what living in the Philippines did to me. Along with my mom graduating from Nursing School. I see “caring” written over my mother’s whole being, she has inspired me to aspire become a nurse and help and care for people in need. A few years ago, when my brother and I were over at our neighbor’s apartment, and our neighbor stepped on a group of staples and they got stuck on his foot and he started crying. I immediately called my mom and she came over with her medical tools to remove the staples from his foot. I really admire her because she showed me that being a nurse isn’t only limited to caring for those admitted in a hospital or for your family, but also for friends and anyone who is in need of medical attention. I’ve been to hospitals where there is a huge lack of nurses, where the corridors are crowded with people trying to get tended to but can’t because the nurses are tending to so many others, where the negligence…

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