Essay on Personal Statement : Playing Video Games

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I sit on the carpet with my legs folded in front of me. I smile as I crane my neck up to be able to look at the TV. I glance back to look at my older brother and see a look of intense concentration on his face as he rapidly maneuvers his fingers over the N64 controller. I look back at the TV and continue to watch my brother play, with a sense of admiration and pride. Playing video games was and still is one of the best ways I have bonded with my brothers. I grew up striving to be as good as my older brother, swearing that one day I would. Once we got older and switched to gaming on a PC my parents started to put time constraints on our gaming, which I hated but it made sure I got my homework done. Now that my brothers and I are older and all moved out, gaming is still something we all do together. It’s something that bonds us and something that we all have in common despite the insanely different lives we live. My mom frowns upon our gaming saying how much of a waste of time it is, but is it a waste? There has to be a few positives right? How many negatives can there be? Video games are the fastest growing type of entertainment in the world. 97% of U.S. adolescents play video games. Most young people play video games an average of 13-22 hours per week. (Roots of Action) That is like a part-time job! Gaming has been known to have numerous positive effects on gamers. A few of these positives include better online social skills, being more optimistic, improved hand-eye…

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