Essay Personal Statement : Personal Strengths

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The purpose of this paper is to tell you a little about me, as a person, student, and future nurse. In order to understand me as a person you need to know that my personal life plays a big factor into my school life. I have an 18 – month old daughter named Blake. She is what inspires me to work hard, study hard, and succeed. In this paper I will touch on a few different topics: personal strengths, area of interest in nursing, and a few personal goals.
Personal Strengths I believe what defines me as a person is that I do not give up easily. I will practice a skill over and over again until I understand exactly how I am supposed to do something. Even when I am stressed, I will not give up. I will make time to get all of my homework done, go to work and do my best, and come home and make time for my family. Being a mom has definitely pushed me to no give up, because I know there is a little girl at home depending on me. The three strengths I have acquired in my life are being compassionate, respectful, and detail oriented. I have been sort of a mother hen since I was a little girl, caring for hurt animals on the farm, helping my friends with homework, and giving advice when asked. I believe to be a nurse you need to be compassionate, and genuinely want to help make people’s lives better. I would say my compassion is my distinguishing trait, I will exhaust all my resources to help someone out. Another strength of mine is respect, I will respect anyone, even if someone is…

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