Personal Statement : Personal Identity Essay

1365 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Personal identity is it obvious, or is it an obvious problem? How do I know that my teacher is the same person today as she was last class? This question applies to every person you know, your mother, father, friends, teachers, etc. There are three different views we can look at to help us understand how we may grasp the idea of someone’s personal identity. These views consist of the bodily, psychological, and immaterial soul view. We will try to find out if it is possible for a person to survive after the death of their body. By survival, I mean being the same person who remembers their past and anticipates their future experience. We will explore the differences between the three views and some of the features that make one view stand above another, to ultimately find out if it is possible to understand if a person is the same person over and beyond time. First, we will take a look at the bodily view of personal identity. In this view having the same body over time means being the same person with a singular identity over time. So you take it that your mother is the same person today as she was yesterday because both days she was in the same body. Bodily also mixes a little into the immaterial soul view due to the many epistemic problems with immaterial soul. The bodily view is very appealing to a person, because it is something that is observable and safe. You could never mistake who someone was because you know if they have the same body, they are the same person over…

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