Personal Statement : Personal Health Narrative Essay

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Personal Health Narrative
I honestly was so excited for it to be my eighth grade year. The Savannah trip, semi-formal, and moving on to high school in just one year. Eighth grade is that awkward time where boys are a big deal and girls are still trying to learn how to do their makeup correctly. I knew that this year was a big deal to me. I wanted nothing at all to get in my way. I just wanted this year to run as smoothly as possible. I knew I had a date to semi-formal.This was the biggest drama in middle school. I also was one of the only girls who had a boyfriend. Still got the same one in college now.
As the year started, it started off really well. I was making good grades, hanging out with my friends on the weekends at the movies to hear about who kissed who, and taking those dumb peace selfie pictures. One day I started feeling really sick. I started throwing up and I thought that I just had a virus. The week went on and I just kept throwing up constantly. After not being able to eat for a while, I finally decided to go to the emergency room due to the pain I was having in my stomach. Being an immature 13 year old didn’t really help with the situation.
When I decided to go to the hospital, the wait was as long as it could be. Since I wasn’t “dying’, they made me sit in the emergency room as I barfed chunks all into a plastic bucket. This was disgusting. I just remember sitting there thinking how I could be throwing up this much. I got so sick to the point where…

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