Personal Statement : Personal Development Plan Essay

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Through my whole life I have learned many things; I have fallen, I have been racially discriminated, and stereo-typed. After many bumps and hurdles, I have never lost hope nor lost drive to become a better person in my personal and professional life. A personal development plan is an essential tool for the improvement of quality life towards personal relations with your family and coworkers. A personal action plan also helps me in the development of basic strategies that evaluates positive/negative life scenarios, and it is resourceful tool for time management. I was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States in 1988; I joined the United States. After serving my country for 20 years, having 3 children and been blessed with an awesome and beautiful wife, I consider those my most important things in my life: God, family, career, and country.
There have been many challenges through my whole life; naval career, deployments, retirement, transitioning from the military, divorce (x2), marriage (x3), the birth of my children, home ownership, and daily setbacks. As these hard encounters made me that man that I am today, there have been many goals and dreams orbiting in the near future, for example: grow old with my wife, complete the apprentice program, finished my associates degree, be debt free, see my children graduate from high school and college, and retired from civil service. With strategies and stress management tools, these goals and milestones can be…

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