Personal Statement : Paternal Grandmother Essay

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Paternal Grandmother
I have to start my autobiography off by saying I have no knowledge of my mother’s family and I have to apologize for having no interest in learning about that side of the family. This autobiography will be a reflection of my family related to only the paternal side. I will start with my father 's mother. My grandmother originally born Sheryl Lynn’ Ann Williams, now Sharon Williams, was born in New Orleans Louisiana. She was born on April 5th, 1949 and was the youngest of 8. Born of Estella Jacobs and Sterling Williams, she lived in a farm in New Orleans with her mother father and 7 siblings. At the age of 2, Nana’s mother became ill and was too sick to take care of her. It was agreed that her maternal grandfather Eugene and step grandmother Ella would take care of her. They took the train from Chicago to New Orleans to come and get my grandmother. A few months after Nana arrived to Chicago, Estella had died of a stroke after having seven children a year apart from each other consistently. Her father remarried a woman named Clara. At the age of 9, Eugene died by what my family considers “black magic.” The doctors could not determine the cause of his death, but it was determined in the family, his sister has poisoned him using black magic for her own selfish and twisted reasons. My grandmother was then under the care of her Step-Grandmother, who abused her and mistreated her for years. She formed an emotional cut off with her step-grandmother because of…

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