Essay on Personal Statement : Osteopathic Medicine

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When I was younger I never knew the wealth of possibilities that came alongside a D.O. degree, and my interest in Osteopathic Medicine was firmly solidified with my interaction with countless Osteopathic physicians while working at Baptist Hospital of Miami as a ED physician scribe. Having worked with both DO and MD physicians I can say, with certainty, that the way in which DO physicians, in particular, Dr. Alexa Viloria, a Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine alumni, handled patients, considering the interconnectedness of the human body, is what makes them such effective healers. It is by taking into account various bodily functions, and how they are connected and dependent on each other that DO physicians are able to tackle difficult , and confounding medical issues, such as disease prevention. When it comes to my particular interest in Osteopathic Medicine, I must first highlight the value of connections, whether they be connections between neighbors, family, friends, and communities, connection are of grave importance when it comes to medicine. Because it is these very connections, these unifying fibers, that are essential to thriving relationships. The reasons that I am interested in becoming an osteopathic physician are varied, but if I were to condense them into three distinct reasons they would be: (1) Osteopathic physicians seek connections in their everyday practice, (2) Osteopathic physicians see the whole person, not just a conglomerate of…

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