Personal Statement On True Friend Essay

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Of the listed definition words, true friend is one that I view as the most impactful on my life. Stemming from the adjective true, this type of friend is one that is real and actual. Friend means one that is not an opponent or enemy. With the combination of these words, a true friend is a person that respects you, is able to talk with you, and is able to go through hell with you.
In my own experience, I have a few true friends. From my hometown, it was easy finding a couple of friends that became close and relevant to me. As I had a class of fourteen students, two of them remain my true friends. They respect me as a person, and are willing to listen to any circumstance that I want to converse about. Greg and Ben, my true friends, have been by my side dating back to elementary school. From Catholic Faith Formation to drivers’ education, these guys have had my back and would sacrifice their lives to take a bullet for me.
With a couple of true friends, I have been supported throughout my high school career. These two young men assisted me with knowledge about agriculture and prospering in our FFA Chapter. I was elected an officer with the assistance of these men and was able to lead our Chapter in numerous ways. When I was struggling during a football game, they would tell me they had confidence in me to execute my abilities to the fullest. This vote of confidence given from these true friends positively impacted me as an athlete, and most importantly as a person.

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