Personal Statement On The And The Code Of Beliefs Essay

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My individual and proficient principles are congruent to social occupation and the NASW code of beliefs. One of the principles is my self determination to improve social integrity and social change on behalf of the customers. I wish to concentrate on how considerable this principle is significant to me since this was one of the reasons that aggravated me to track this profession, which was not related to my bachelor of arts majoring with graphic design. Before starting the design program I was a tutor and I carried out charitable community services in my city which along the way encouraged me to have concern in social integrity. On my third week on my charitable work in Chicago I came across an epiphany as I was waiting in one of the reception rooms. As I was waiting there I realized that community work was my occupation.
I was in a position to predict myself doing something related to my vocation through helping the community around Chicago; automatically this would confront my skills. I saw a call for passionate and honest people like me in this category of setting in where the community is being ignored. Ignorance has always been a thorn to me because I find it inequitable that individuals are not treated with distinction and value as they should instead community take benefit of them for profitable purposes. Now in my charitable work and a student I am in a position to challenge social prejudice. Example is involvement in social integrity encouragement was attendance…

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